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MSA Rank: Canton is included in the Cleveland Akron Canton MSA that ranks 13th in US.
Population: The Canton, OH Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) covers Stark and in 2010 had a population of 375,586
Daily Effective Circulation: 32,472
Daily Commute Time: 23 minutes
Population Density: 659 per square mile

Mobile Billboard Advertising

Mobile Billboard Advertising in Canton Ohio offers a great way to promote a brand, business, or event. Canton was founded in 1805 along the middle and west branches of Nimishillen Creek. In terms of location, Canton is located 24 miles south of Akron, Ohio and 60 miles south of Cleveland, Ohio. Canton is located along Interstate 77, U.S. Route 62, and the historic Lincoln Highway, U.S. Route 30. Canton benefited from being at the crossroads of numerous rail lines. This rail infrastructure allowed growth in manufacturing and steel production. Canton’s economy has diversified from manufacturing with new businesses in financial services, healthcare and tourism.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame attracts thousands of visitors from most of North America and it is undergoing a major expansion. The annual Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony is attended by thousands of fans and its festivities include a parade through downtown Canton, enshrinement dinner, and a nationally televised football game.

Canton Traffic Stats

Canton Interstate Daily Vehicles including trucks
I  77  84,390
Canton US Routes Daily Vehicle Traffic
 US 30  32,870
 US 62  60,770
Canton State Routes Daily Vehicle Traffic
 SR 21  28,770
 SR 43  18,250
 SR 44  13,570
 SR 93  9,340
 SR 153 17,670
 SR 171  3,810
 SR 172 26,690
 SR 173  5,410
 SR 183  13,190
 SR 236  13,800
 SR 250  5,100
 SR 297  15,170
 SR 619  10,690
 SR 627  9,400
 SR 687  23,500

Source: Ohio Dept of Transportation


Canton Attractions

Pro Football Hall of Fame
William McKinley Presidential Library and Museum
First Ladies National Library and Historic Site
Canton Museum of Art
William McKinley Tomb
Canton Classic Car Museum
Stark County Historical Society
Amateur Sports Hall of Fame
Clearview Golf Club
Mount Union College
Walsh University
Malone University

Canton Companies

Affinity Medical Center
Alfred Nickles Bakery Inc
Alliance Casting
Alliance Community Hospital
Atlas Technologies
Aultman Hospital
Canton Drop Forge
Case Farms
Coastal Pet Products Inc
Crown Cork & Seal Co. Inc.
Diebold Inc
DLH Industries
Emergency Medicine Physicians
Fisher Foods Inc
Fresh Mark Inc
Giant Eagle
Graphic Enterprises Office Solutions
Haines & Co Inc
Hanford Press
Hartville Kitchen
Hartville Collectibles
Heinz North America
Hendrickson Trailer Suspension
Industrial Security Service Inc.
International Home Shopping
Kent State University Stark
Lindenwold’s Fine Jewelers
M K Morse Company
MAC Trailer Manufacturing
Marathon Canton Refinery
Maxim Healthcare Service
McKinley Health Care Center
Mercy Medical Center
Nationwide Insurance
PCC Airfoils
Portage Electric Products
Republic Steel
Republic Telcom Worldwide LLC
Rose Lane Health Center
Shearer’s Foods
Stark State College
Suarez Corp Industries
Sugardale Foods
Superior’s Brand Meats
The Timken Company

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