Youngstown Mobile Billboards

The Youngstown area is changing. Youngstown Mobile Billboards will do well advertising at certain areas around the city where attractions and companies are located.

MSA Rank: 97 (Youngstown, Warren, Niles Ohio)
Population: The Akron, OH Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) covers Summit and Portage counties, and in 2012 had a population of 555,506
Daily Effective Circulation: 24,390
Daily Commute Time: 22.8 minutes
Population Density: 2,312 per square mile

Mobile Billboard Advertising

Youngstown is located on the Mahoning River, halfway between Cleveland Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pa. It is approximately 65 miles southeast of Cleveland and 61 miles northwest of Pittsburgh. Youngstown is also midway between New York City and Chicago via Interstate 80.

Youngstown’s economy has diversified from a manufacturing hub and includes, healthcare, services, technology, and retail.

Youngstown Interstates, US Routes and State Routes are traveled on by thousands of vehicles per day. Digital Mobile Billboards are a great way to reach not only local Youngstown residence but also thousands of travelers from out of state who travel I 80 and I 680.

Traffic stats for Greater Youngstown Roadways

Youngstown Interstate Daily Vehicles including trucks
I  80 62,770
I  680 55,210
Youngstown US Routes Daily Vehicle Traffic
US 62 20,710
US 422 17,910
US 224 35,440
Youngstown State Routes Daily Vehicle Traffic
SR 5 28,920
SR 7 18,850
SR 11 41,070
SR 45 15,300
 SR 46  27,680
 SR 82  40,050
 SR 87  3,960
 SR 88  2,750
 SR 169  18,330
 SR 193  20,780
 SR 303  1,810
 SR 304  12,290
 SR 305 7,290
 SR 534  10,230
 SR 711  24,320
 SR 14  10,390
 SR 170  16,000
SR 711  27,780

Source: Ohio Dept of Transportation


Youngstown Attractions

Butler Institute of American Art

Stambaugh Auditorium

Covelli Centre

The Steel Museum

Ward Beecher Planetarium

Youngstown Museum of Industry and Labor

Fellows Riverside Gardens

Lantermans Mill

Hollywood Gaming


Canfield Fair

National Packard Museum,

John Stark Edwards House and Museum,

Sutliff Museum,

Trumbull Art Gallery

Ernie Hall Aviation Museum.

The Packard Music Hall – a venue for civic, arts and entertainment events

Packard Park

The Neil Armstrong First Flight Memorial

Perkin’s Park

The Women’s Park

Warren Community Amphitheater

Historic Courthouse Square


Youngstown Companies

Youngstown State University

Humility of Mary Health Partners

Forge Industries, Inc

Forum Health

V&M Star Steel Company

Schwebel Baking Company

Corrections Corporation of America

Infocision Management Corporation

North Star Steel Ohio

JC Penney Corporation, Inc

Exal Corporation

Roth Bros, Inc

Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Services

Bomaine Corporation

Electronic Data Systems Corporation

United States Postal Service

B J Alan Company


Packard Electric Systems

WCI Steel Plant

Wheatland Tube


Covelli Enterprises

GM Lordstown

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