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Ads In Motion Outdoor is a digital mobile billboard advertising agency based in Ohio, serving markets within the Midwest. AIM is the first of its kind in Ohio, and is already transforming the Midwest’s mass media landscape with high-res mobile billboards, videos and digital imagery.

From now on, your messaging can be mobile, customizable, highly-targeted and, at times, interactive. The next evolution of outdoor mass media has arrived, capturing the attention of consumers where they live, work, commute and play. Say hello to AIM, the digital, new-age messenger of forward-thinking brands.

Consult with an AIM outdoor advertising and billboard design specialist to strategize when, where and how your brand should be seen.


We introduced AIM to Ohio because consumers can’t look away from something they’ve never experienced—like our mobile billboard vehicles. Through AIM consultation and strategic planning, we’ll keep the eyes and minds of consumers where they belong: on your brand. Our advertising vehicles don’t just make your messages mobile, but customizable and highly-targeted. Advanced outdoor advertising for forward-thinking brands—a first, from Ads In Motion.

Ads In Motion - A Picture of a company mobile billboard advertising vehicle.


AIM is all yours. Tell us where you want go, or we can consult with you on the best routes and event destinations to drive impressions and hit your target audience. An AIM advertisement, camped at a strategic locale, can run pre-recorded videos, live broadcasts, video game tournaments, interactive text surveys, contests and social media campaigns. And thanks to AIM’s high-res LED screens, whatever we put up will be clearly seen on the brightest day or darkest night.


Set your sights with AIM and:

  • Break away from creative limitations set by stationary outdoor mass media.
  • Reach any outdoor (or indoor) environment that’s vehicle accessible.
  • Provide relevant content on a highly versatile, larger-than-life platform.
  • Adjust messaging in real time as the audience and geography change.
  • Develop strategic routes or schedules that can provide high reach, high frequency, or both.
  • Be seen crisply, even on the brightest days.
  • AIM is the fastest and most direct way to reach targeted audiences and it’s available to you today.


Whether you’re a media buyer, business owner/manager, event organizer, political campaign manager, promoter or private client, we have the perfect application for you. Here are some creative ways our clients can leverage AIM Outdoor:

  • Highly targeted digital billboard ads
  • Real-time messaging ideal for product, sports or news updates
  • High-resolution broadcasts perfect for watch parties
  • Video game tournaments
  • Guerilla tactics, including capturing/featuring live video and imagery in event settings
  • AIM’s mobile billboards can be found at popular events, as well as on city streets, highways and other strategic locales that maximize impressions.


AIM’s advertising vehicles can be found at grand openings, major sporting events, festivals, concerts—you name it! With leading-edge features and capabilities, AIM will make your brand the main event.


AIM can inform and engage voters in target districts, at popular precincts and during high-traffic rallies by offering real-time political news, updates and poll numbers. Plus, AIM can leverage its interactive functionality and poll scores of prospective voters to enhance campaign strategies and research.


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Mike Matonis, Co-Founder and President

Mike Matonis has spent nearly 30 years moving the outdoor advertising business forward by way of managerial, executive and leadership roles. Through hundreds of client interactions, Mike has built strong business acumen, enabling him to utilize valuable consultative approaches. He partners with each client to understand their core business priorities, and ensure that goals are met.

To that end, Mike discovered that by helping the medium evolve through Ads in Motion, he could literally take brands to places—via strategy and execution—that were once thought impossible. Contact him today, and find out just how far AIM can take your business.

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Lee Zapis, Co-Founder and Vice President

Lee Zapis brings 35 years of media experience to Ads In Motion.

Lee is a co-founder of Futuri Media, a leading-edge developer of social and mobile audience engagement technology— and one of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S. He also serves as the president of 9Threads, an NYC-based B2B media company that focuses on the footwear and childrenswear industries.

Lee is an investor and board member at, Groupmatics and GenomOncology.  Prior to founding Zapis Capital in 2002, Lee was president of Zapis Communications, a closely held corporation that owned and operated radio stations in major markets.

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AIM staff is standing by to fill you in on the newest and most exciting way to reach audiences outdoors.

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