LED Mobile Billboard Advertising

LED Mobile Billboard Advertising LED mobile billboard advertising offers numerous benefits for digital advertisers.  These include: Flexibility of the message and videos that can be show. Because the medium is digital messages can be of various duration and can be quickly updated. The operator can update the video messages remotely. Length of the video. Depending on the message [...]

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How effective is Mobile Billboard Advertising?

Mobile Billboard Advertising Mobile billboard advertising is one of the newest forms of advertising. This fact makes it unique and noticeable. It has greater recall and more flexibility than traditional billboard advertising. According to Outdoor Advertising Magazine, outdoor mobile media billboards can have as high as a 97% recall rate. Digital mobile billboards are more effective [...]

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Check out this exciting video featuring our Ads In Motion Outdoor advertising vehicles to take your brand where your demographics live, work, commute and play. Have you seen the Ads in Motion Outdoor truck in your area? Check out this video to see our truck in action!

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