Key Bank at Games 3-4

Congrats to the Cavs for doing "Whatever It Takes" to win Games Three and Four! Key Bank and Ads In Motion Outdoor came out to cheer them on with other Cleveland basketball fans. The Cavaliers are now tied 2-2 with the Celtics, and we're not going anywhere when it comes to supporting "Our Land Our Team"!

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Berea Rib Cook-Off 2018

Memorial Day weekend is coming soon, and with it comes the Annual Berea Rib Cook-Off! We're all over Cleveland with our mobile billboards reminding everyone not to miss out on this family BBQ event.

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Andrews Moving

Andrews Moving is looking for drivers! Our billboard trucks took them out to an Indians game to catch any baseball fans looking for work and great benefits.

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Issue 5 and Polish Constitution Day

Happy Polish Constitution Day! Our digital trucks joined the parade in Parma to represent Issue 5. The levy will help local schools, so we showed a slideshow of students to put faces to the benefits. Our sound system played polkas in celebration of the day.

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Otani Noodle

Otani Noodle restaurant has opened a new location in downtown Cleveland, and Ads In Motion jumped in to do some street marketing. Our digital billboards showcased their savory ramen bowls and gave pedestrians some delicious lunch ideas.

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Vote YES On Issue 5: Parma Schools Levy

Ads In Motion Outdoor teamed up with the Parma City School District to support the vote on Issue 5. The district is requesting a tax levy of $22 a month per $100,000 home value to fund up-to-date educational tools and quality instructors, and to provide the programs our kids need to succeed.

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NJ Thomas Jewelers

NJ Thomas Jewelers is going out of business, and they're giving Northeast Ohio amazing discounts. NJ Thomas trusted Ads In Motion Outdoor to get the word out using two of our mobile billboard vehicles.

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Key Bank and Cavs Game Two

Our digital billboard trucks hit the streets to tell Cleveland that Key Bank roots for the home team! The Cavs responded by winning their game two playoff against the Indiana Pacers. Ads In Motion Outdoor is extremely proud to be a Cleveland-based business.

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